Dear friends, today we shall finish the first trinity of the roster of the 10th anniversary installment of our Czech metal feast, which means announcing the third headliner. In this case we ventured into the Czech metal waters, where our invitation was accepted by the one and only Master's Hammer!

There are surely only few that never at least heard about this Czech black metal legend. When MASTER’S HAMMER appeared on the Czech black metal scene, they caught attention already with their official debut demo “Finished”, which was released in 1988. The true milestone however came three years later with the debut album “Rituál”, which not only lifted the band to previously unfathomed heights of popularity, but also profoundly influenced, thanks to its timelessness and uniqueness, the entire so-called second wave of black metal. It is no wonder then that its successor, the second album “Jilemnický okultista” got its international version, released in 1992 by the French Osmose Production. The same label also released the third album “Šlágry”, which however brought an utter avant-garde instead of continuing the trend of its predecessors, thus being the subject of very divisive opinions till today. On the other hand, MASTER’S HAMMER always followed their own path no matter what, as underscored by further albums, spawned after the band’s comeback in 2009. Despite their iconic status, seeing MASTER’S HAMMER live was always rather difficult, since the band had not generally been very fond of live appearances. After all, even their return was as a studio project, the stage performances of which were always-already out of the question. But then things changed. At first, Franta Štorm, the frontman and architect of MASTER’S HAMMER, returned to live shows as part of the Mortal Cabinet project, and his home band followed suit thereafter. And as the live comeback happened, not even we could miss the opportunity of inviting such a local legend to MGCDF. So, be there to bear witness!

Enjoy and more next time!