MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2017


Sludge-doom | Established 2015 | CZ | Facebook

Have you heard metal-wise the term “sludge”? If not, then know that it is a subgenre which combines the elements of doom metal and hardcore punk. Its signature traits are slow tempo of songs that simultaneously contain highly contrasting fast-paced passages, heavily distorted instruments, screaming vocals and altogether pessimistic atmosphere. The word itself, synonymous for thick mud, implies something dense and slow moving, which is precisely how sludge compositions sound. Its roots are in the mid-80s and early 90s in the U.S., while its global spread came with the wave of post-metal and post-rock. Sludge has its heralds even here in Czech Republic and one of them is THE CORONA LANTERN. What was established in 2015 as a pure side project of the members of Diligence, so that they could manifest their alternative music ideas somewhere, quickly became a full-fledged band that unites musicians, whose main bands wary in styles and even genres (from acid pop, over modern metal, to progressive death metal). In its birth year, THE CORONA LANTERN released first an EP “MMXV”, followed by the debut “Consuming the Tempest” that scored with many critics, thus making the band a big surprise on the local scene. It is thus about time to welcome them on MGCDF!