MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2017


Sludge/stoner rock/HC | Established 2013 | CZ | Facebook

So, that you can really acquire the taste for sludge, let’s have another Czech representative of this subgenre, namely KING KEPORKAK that are active since 2013. In the beginning, there was a joint jam session of Jan Cairola and Jakub Sedláček from the band Dittohead, and of Böhörüt from Ahumado Granujo, which gave birth to a regular band. In December 2013, it released a five-song promo and started live shows. Two years later, the debut album “Detachment” was spawned, and around that time KK also supported the American sludge-doom icon Crowbar during their Prague show. Join us then on a journey into the kingdom of whales and get ready for yet another intensive experience!