MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2017


Ambient/djent/mathcore | Established 2012 | CZ | Facebook

Since we are navigating the alternative metal waters, it would be a shame to omit the current trends in this area, meaning that on MGCDF 2017 there will also be a time for djent, which is an extension of progressive metal originating in early 21st century, based on a specific guitar sound that relies primarily on high distortion and intentional palm-muting of guitar chords and is usually played on seven, eight or ten-string guitars given their extended range. This foundation is then combined with elements of other genres, including ambient, fusion or jazz, to create rhythmically as well as technically complex compositions. Representing this style on MGCDF 2017 is the Czech ambient-djent act BETWEEN THE PLANETS, originally a solo project of Martin “Spacosh” Peřina established in 2012, when it released its debut album “Immersion Into the Unknown”, that later became a full-fledged band. BETWEEN THE PLANETS shall appear on MGCDF for the first time, so be sure not to miss their show.