MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2017


Sludge/drone/ambient/funeral | Established 2010 | CZ | Facebook

When we say BLUES FOR THE REDSUN, some of you may recall the eponymous 1992 album by Kyüss. However, we mean a Czech act that took this album name for its own, with a little inspiration on the side, and that is about it as far as similarities are concerned. For BFTR, established in 2010, are one of the icons of Czech sludge (yes, there will be a lot of it on MGCDF this year), which in their case is further combined with ambient, drone, as well as funeral doom. Their discography is small, but makes up for it with the length of individual compositions. In 2014, BFTR unleashed their first 19 minutes long single “Dopehead – Echoes of the Redlight” on a split album with V rukou osudu; a year later, the demo “Waiting for Enlightenment” was released, containing two tracks with 26 minutes of total time; and last January, another single, “Deadspace – Knocking on the Cemetary Gates”, came out, this time 18 minutes long. You could witness their qualities last year either on Brutal Assault, or during the Suomi Weird Spring, when BFTR supported Dark Buddha Rising. And if you still have not had the chance to get acquainted, you can make amends on MGCDF 2017.