MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2017


Black metal | Established 2009 | BE | Web

This year’s MGCDF line-up features several Benelux acts. One of those is the black metal pack SAILLE, which was established in 2009, initially as a one-time, one-man project, but grew into a full-fledged band over the course of the following year. In 2011, SAILLE debut “Irreversible Decay” came out, as well as their first live performance took place. In 2013, the band released their second studio album “Ritu”, dedicated to death rites of ancient cultures and to the weird universe of H. P. Lovecraft, as well as set out on their first tour alongside Negura Bunget. The successor of “Ritu”, “Eldritch”, came out in the following year and was presented live on numerous club and festival shows around Europe. The next studio album, “Gnosis”, is planned for March 2017, so you can look forward to hearing it on MGCDF 2017. Do not expect however the orthodox black metal, for SAILLE are known for utilizing a wide range of classical and unusual instruments, mainly string and brass ones, but also Theremin for instance. There is much to look forward to then.