MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Death metal | Established 1991 | MT | Facebook

We already visited the Maltese metal scene last installment but shall visit again this one in the company of the death metal butchers BEHEADED. This squad was established in 1991 and gained significant attention already with its first demo “Souldead”, released four years later. The true breakthrough to international recognition came in 1998 with the debut “Perpetual Mockery”, followed by the band’s first tour abroad that included also Czech Republic, wherein BEHEADED appeared alongside Fleshless. For the second full-length, fans of BEHEADED had to wait till 2002, but the greater the blast it was, as attested by the verdict 9/10 by the infamous Terrorizer magazine. At that time, the band also embarked on their first US tour. Further releases came in 2005 (“Ominous Bloodline” album), 2012 (“Never To Dawn” album) and finally, so far, last year, when the album “Beast Incarnate” was unleashed, presenting BEHEADED with a changed line-up and with more extreme sound than before. And since BEHEADED have not yet played on MGCDF, all the more reason not to miss their show!