MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Doomy recital of Grandiose Magus | Established 1994 | CZ | Facebook

Meet BigBoss, the Czech devil-in-chief and vocalist of the iconic band Root, whose reputation exceeds Czech borders. Beside his home band, BigBoss also has a solo career of long standing and he is coming to MGCDF 2018 to present precisely this side of his music. And if we say long standing, we are talking decades, since his first solo album “Q7” was released in 1994, when Root was inactive, but creative impulses needed an outlet nonetheless. Thus far latest score in BigBoss’s discography is the fourth full-length “Collection of Black Roses”, which was released as 2CD this summer. So, please welcome the BIGBOSS BAND and get ready for a doomy poetic recital of the Grandiose Magus!