MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Crust'n'roll | Established 1991 | CZ | Web

As we have the 10th anniversary installment and our roster keeps adding the seasoned icons of the Czech metal scene, it would be a sin to omit the Ostrava-based crust’n’roll bandits MALIGNANT TUMOUR, which we welcomed already in 2014, a particularly busy year for this band. Not only were MALIGNANT TUMOUR then promoting their fifth full-length “Overdose & Overdrive”, which was released a year earlier, but they also made in summer 2014 a split “Nación de Metaleros” with the Mexican punkrockers Acidez, and concluded the year with an European tour Metaleros Over Europe. The following years have belonged to the current album “The Metallist”, which was released in 2016, alongside a documentary “The Way of Metallist” that gives a humorous take on the 25 years of the band’s existence. So, get ready for a motherload of dirty metallic rock’n’roll!