MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Post-rock/progressive | Established 1997 | CZ | Web

Since the dramaturgy of our/your Czech metal feast traditionally diverse, even on the 10th anniversary installment we shall once again venture into slower, atmospheric and melancholic soundscapes, and in doing so simultaneously add another iconic name of the Czech scene, in a festival premier no less, DYING PASSION, which can be, without any overstatement, considered one of the main veterans of Czech metal. This quartet first surfaced to attention in 1999 with their demo “No Time”, and since then played hundreds of live shows and released eight full-lengths, with the so far last one “Black Threads” being released last year and gaining very favorable critiques. Throughout their existence, DYING PASSION also underwent a very interesting musical evolution, starting in doom metal waters and gradually (that is, from the 2002 album “Voyage” onwards) crystallizing to the current post, melancholic even, rock/metal ambience-generating form, the dominant of which is the vocals of DP’s frontwoman Zuzana Jelínková. This “visage” is then presented with utmost sound precision on albums and with utter surety on live shows. MGCDF 2018 shall thus offer something even for all melancholic souls!