MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Post-rock/ambient/shoegaze | Established 2017 | CZ | Facebook

As we mentioned Dying Passion, we have a follow-up right away, for the bill of MGCDF 2018 also shall also include ELBE, which is a brand new, this summer established, joint project of Standa Jelínek of Dying Passion and Martin “Spacosh” Peřina of Between The Planets that reflects their mutual love for post-rock, ambient, psychedelia – all in all, for emotions and moods in music of all kinds. ELBE derives its name from now defunct village called Elba, which was once located in the Jeseníky Mountains near the town of Jindřichov, and by no accident, for conceptually, this project pays homage precisely to this region, its eldritch atmosphere and stirred history. This project has all its important milestones still ahead of itself, however the release of its debut album “Sudety” is planned already for January 2018, after which ELBE will depart for their first tour Svlékni tmu alongside the home bands of both its founders, and which they will of course present on MGCDF. So, do not miss this opportunity this newest addition to the Czech scene live!