MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Black-thrash metal | Established 2001 | GR | Facebook

Black-thrash metal horde from Athens, established in 2001. Though we did not yet have the pleasure of welcoming them to MGCDF, you may remember them, if you visited the debut installment of the Hellenic Darkness festival in 2013. Back then, RAVENCULT visited us with their 2011 album “Morbid Blood”, which marked the turn from classic black metal (as on the debut “Temples Of Torment” from 2007) precisely to the current macabre fusion. It was reinforced by the current album “Force Of Profanation” from last year, which combines the rawness and darkness of 90s black metal with the mayhem of 80s thrash. Lyrics-wise, the piece continues the conceptual axis of morbidity, horror and mockery of all that is Holy. That RAVENCULT are on the rise is attested by shows in more than 20 countries, as well as by supporting the big names of the scene, such as the legendary Mayhem. Thus, their premier appearance on our festival should be for all of you a must!