MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018

F.O.B. (CZ)

Death-metalcore | Established 1995 | CZ | Facebook

Tábor-based death-metalcore squad, established in 1995. Last we saw F.O.B. joining the fray of MGCDF, was in 2015, when they presented their current sixth full-length “and the foes have become our masters”. Its promotion occupied the band for the most part of 2016, though there was time to celebrate their 20th anniversary, as well as to organize yet another installment of the popular club festival Žižkův vraždící palcát. This February, the band released a new music video for the song “Adult Toys” from the aforementioned piece, and continued its streak of gigs, be it as part of tours or standalone shows. And since F.O.B. are among the long-standing bands of MetalGate Records, wherein not only “and the foes have become our masters”, but also both predecessors (“Reap what you sow” and “Tomorrow’s Fires”) were released, they cannot be absent on MGCDF 2018, where we also celebrate the 10th anniversary of this label. So, all report to the moshpit for a deathcore mayhem!