MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Death metal | Established 2001 | SK | Facebook

If you among those who remember the fourth installment of MGCDF, this death metal squad from Slovakia, established in 2001, will surely sound familiar. To the rest, let us inform you that it was initially a HC act that however in 2004 changed course into death metal waters, where it stayed since. The first album to present their new musical direction was the 2007 split “Respect – Ignorance – Provocation” with Sepsis, followed five years later by the first full-length “Cut-Throat from the World of Obsession”, with which SUBURBAN TERRORIST appeared on MGCDF. In 2014, the band performed on Brutal Assault, hence the switch to death metal was evidently the right move to make. SUBURBAN TERRORIST plan to release their new album “Inhuman Breed” early next year, which presents the ideal opportunity to invite them back to MGCDF to hear their new songs live. Do not miss it!