MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Prog/deaththrash/psychedelic/ambient | Established 1993 | CZ | Facebook

Although the avant-garde/experimental metal is a rather small niche on the Czech scene, it does contain bands of long standing. Among the oldest pioneers of Czech alternative metal is undisputedly the Brno-based act FORGOTTEN SILENCE, which was established in 1993 as a side project of members of Sax and Remembrance. Since then, the band has changed its line-up multiple times, assembled a noteworthy discography of some 20 titles (counting in all the full-lengths and their reeditions, split albums, EPs and demos), played a myriad of live shows, and continually developed their singular style that ranges from death and thrash, over rock, progressive and psychedelic, to ambient or even pop. We already had the pleasure of welcoming FORGOTTEN SILENCE once before to MGCDF, in 2014, which, band history-wise, was two years after the release of their full-length “La Grande Bouffe” and only few months before the release of their next EP “Re:RETRO’93”, which was followed a year later by a live album “Sonique Voyeurisme”. Though there is another full-length, entitled “Kras”, planned for this year, the return of FORGOTTEN SILENCE to MGCDF shall concern something different – namely and solely the debut album “THOTS”, which was released in 1995 on MC, in 1996 on CD, and reissued in 2009. The band thus continues with its special setlist shows (for example, in 2016, FORGOTTEN SILENCE played on the second part of Suomi Weird Spring a special show dedicated to the “Kro Ni Ka” album), and on top of that, they will come in a special line-up containing three of the original four founding members. Do not miss this unique trip down the memory lane and revisit the origins of one of the most singular Czech bands!