MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Death metal | Established 1991 | CZ | Web

The Czech death metal icon and co-organizer of our metal feast surely needs no elaborate introduction, if only since TORTHARRY appeared on every single installment of MGCDF and shall do so again this year. After the last MGCDF, the band kept expanding their list of live performances, appearing for instance on the Dutch Stonehenge festival, but most of their time was devoted to preparations of their next, already ninth, full-length “Sinister Species”, which was recorded in September and October 2017 and released this January by MetalGate Records. And their will be plenty of opportunities to present it live, since ahead of TORTHARRY is a packed festival season not only on the home soil, but also in Austria, Slovakia or Spain. You however should not miss their appearance on our stage, for where else to enjoy the new album live better than on the celebration of the 10th anniversary of a festival that shares a unique bond with TORTHARRY!