MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Thrash-death metal | Established 2011 | CZ | Facebook

This Silesian marching company, established in 2011, is among the veterans of our festival. Not only did ANTIGOD played several times on our stage, but when it is not the case, you can meet them on site in the audience. The last appearance of ANTIGOD on MGCDF was in 2016 and was revolving around the second full-length “Wareligion”, which thematically covers WWI. It was released by MetalGate Records in 2015 on CD, a year later on vinyl as a joint venture with several other labels, and introduced a new reinforcement for their ranks – Chymus (Isacaarum) as the new frontman. Afterwards ANTIGOD focused mainly on live shows (appearing in local clubs, but also on Brutal Assault or in Poland), though last summer, the band released its first official music video for the song “Flesh In The Air”, which, if you watched carefully, hints at new album taking shape. Who knows, maybe we will see it come to life by MGCDF 2018. In either case, this barrage of metal artillery is not something to take cover from; quite the contrary!