MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Metal-electro | Established 2009 | FR | Facebook

Another premier appearance, the music of which can be described as war on the dancefloor, for this French horde, established in 2009, likes to combine extreme metal with electronic beats and the 80s New Wave vibe. PAVILLON ROUGE rose to attention in 2011 with their debut “Solmeth Pervitine”, which combined the tools of industrial black metal with ethereal synths and euphoric melodies. Its successor “Legio Axis Ka”, released in 2015, went even further, synthesizing epic black metal with hardcore techno. The latest effort is the third full-length “Dynasteïa Klub”, an electronic metal opera that builds on motifs of Ancient Greek philosophy, and since it was released this year, it is a no-brainer as to what will feature most prominently in the setlist of their performance on MGCDF 2018. Onward to the moshpit then – the black discotheque awaits!