MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Technical death metal | Established 1996 | PL | Facebook

This Polish technical death metal warmachine surely qualifies for a lifelong dedication to the genre, given that in the time of its origin in 1996, the founding members were 12, 15 and 16 years old. Already the first demos “Cemeterial Gardens” and “The Eye of Horus” from the two subsequent years showed that this act will not recede to obscurity. And they did not. At the onset of the new millennium, DECAPITATED joined the ranks of Earache Records, where they released their debut “Winds of Creation”. The following year, the band toured UK alongside Vader. Further tours, in Europe, as well as in North America, followed shortly after, and so did further releases. Yet in 2007, the stellar career of DECAPITATED was hit by a tragedy. A car accident during a tour in Eastern Europe resulted in the death of the drummer and founding member Vitek, and severe injuries of then vocalist Covan, ushering in a two-year long hiatus of the band. In 2009 however, DECAPITATED’s founder Vogg reformed the band, so that in 2011, its fans could welcome the fifth full-length “Carnival Is Forever”. Thus far the latest score in their discography is “Anticult”, released last summer, after which the band embarked on the infamous US tour, during which they were arrested. This time tough, things fortunately turned out for the best, all charges were dropped, and DECAPITATED are now ready to invade the world once again, which will include their premier appearance on MGCDF. We hope you shall give this death metal elite a helluva welcome!