MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Electro black metal-crust | Established 2014 | CZ | Facebook

Although the electronic metal is a minority style, and electronic black metal even more so, on the Czech scene, compared to the other sub-genres, even there you can find fresh blood so to speak, which is precisely the case of PLAGUE CALLED HUMANITY. Playing EBM combined with crust, this band was formed in 2014, while releasing their opening demo “Cyber Trash”. A line-up change in the following year not only brought a harder sound to their music, but also energized their live show ambitions, which brought PLAGUE CALLED HUMANITY even to such unusual events as the Czech post-apo festival Junktown, or to the Austrian Schattenwelt. On the club shows, they appeared for example alongside the cybergrinders M.A.C. of MAD, and this summer they will join as support of their, music-wise, colleagues Gorgonea Prima. Last year, PLAGUE CALLED HUMANITY released their debut EP “Disconnection”, so it is clear what their show on MGCDF 2018 will be mainly about. So, come and see!