MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2019


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This icon of the Scandinavia black metal, established by the guitarist Morgan in 1990, surely needs no detailed introduction, given MARDUK’s global acclaim and their regular appearances in the Czech Republic. Our festival however has not yet had the pleasure of welcoming this mighty horde, which of course needs rectifying. The band is now promoting its 14th full-length “Viktoria”, released this summer and standing in terms of its ferocity and lethality as a sequel to its predecessor “Frontschwein”, currently touring Latin America and invading Europe shortly thereafter for the second leg of their Viktoria Europa tour. It is also worth noting that MARDUK recently joined the family of bands that have their own beer, i.e. “Imago Mortis”, an imperial stout brewed at the French Brasserie Saint Clair. So, cheers and for the other ingredients – the Northern darkness and utter blasphemy – drop by MGCDF 2019, wherein MARDUK shall give you a hefty share of these!