MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2019


Middle East extreme metal | Established 2000 | UAE | Facebook

The United Arab Emirates are not a country commonly associated with metal subculture. Or at least such seem to be the current perception, as evident for example from the Metal Archives database that lists only 26 metal bands from UAE, with only 13 of those being officially active. However, quantity is one thing, quality another. And NERVECELL are a testament of location being no handicap for a birth of an excellent metal squad. It is the question of talent and a lot of hard work, which is precisely the case here, since the guys invested a lot of time and energy into their band, which soon paid off both in terms of critical acclaim and live shows, as the band supported Metallica, Anthrax, Morbid Angel or Suffocation. In fact, their track record of live appearances is truly impressive, with gigs and tours in Europe, Australia, India, Philippines, Turkey, Egypt, Sri Lanka, UAE of course, and most recently Brazil. Now these heralds of the modern wave of Middle Eastern metal are heading to our little corner to present their unique mix of death and thrash metal. Be sure not to miss their energetic show!