MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2019


Progressive death metal | Established 1994 | CZ | Facebook

A legend of Czech technical/prog death metal. GODLESS TRUTH were ravaging the scene especially in the 90s and in the first decade of the new millennium. After the EP “Too Late To Stop My Hate” (2010) the band withdrew for a long time. However, in early 2017, the band announced, much to the excitement of their fans, the pre-production of a new full-length. The recording session started this year, and if the rumors are true, it shall be unleashed this Autumn. During the summer, GODLESS TRUTH also appeared on many festivals (such as Brutal Assault), once again bombarding the audience with their progressive death with melodic parts. As wrote in the reviews: “Excellent technical mastery, the ability to write a good song, enthusiasm and energy. All this makes this act memorable not only around here. The band rolled out their almost already “traditional progressive death metal” with and absolute dedication. Yes, I was satisfied and excited, and felt like a bloodied surfer on the waves of sharp melodies. Excellent! (Jakub Asphyx for Deadly Storm) Well, there is no doubt that excellent shall also be their appearance on MGCDF!