MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2019


Death metal | Established 1993 | CZ | Facebook

Around here it would be hard to someone who has not at least heard about these veterans. Established in 1993, this outfit is inextricably linked with the Czech extreme metal scene and is among the best and most brutal that Czech metal has to offer. The band is celebrating 25th anniversary this year, and for the occasion are preparing a new full-length entitled “Doomed”. The sequel to the latest EP “Dethroned In Shadows” (2017) is currently taking shape in The Barn Studio (check out studioreports on the band’s Facebook page), and is set for release on December 15, when it is to be unveiled on the winter edition of Nice To Eat You festival. More shows to introduce the album to all the maniacs far and wide are to follow, including MGCDF 2019!