MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2019

1914 (UA)

Blackened sludge/death/doom | Established 2014 | UA | Facebook

There are many ways of how to name a band that in their lyrics focuses solely on WWI, with one of the most precise options being the year at which this giant meet grinder was first set into motion. Exactly such was the reasoning of the regiment from Lviv in Ukraine, so who is already missing the Czech marching company Antigod that explores the same tragic period of history, should now pay extra attention. For even in 2019, the horrors of the Great War shall resurface with 1914, whose sound is a powerful combination of black metal, sludge and oldschool death. Their lyrics then explore not only all the infamous battles, but also the commonplace misery of trench war, during which every meter of advance was paid for with thousands of lives on both sides with actual gains being all but insignificant. And it is primarily this angle that is the focal point of 1914. As they say themselves: “It’s neither about politics, nor about propaganda – it’s just war, trenches, fear, hopelessness and endless death around of you.” On MGCDF 2019 the band shall present their latest second full-length “The Blind Leading the Blind”, so get ready for an intense summer offensive that shall take you to places where death is absurd and life even more so.