MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2019


Black-doom | Established 2015 | CZ | Facebook

Prague-based black-doom act, established by former members of !Úl, Balaclava, Projekt Parabelum, Let Them Burn and N.W.O. as a response to the stagnant waters of the Czech black metal scene. HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ builds on energetic live shows, and supports all independent, underground and DIY activities, as well as all human and animal rights organizations. During a relatively short period of activity, the band not only already appeared alongside Harakiri For The Sky, Anomalie, Root or Malignant Tumour, but also struck festival stages, like Junktown, Žižkovská noc or Basinfire Fest. And MetalGate Czech Death Fest is next. So, do not miss their mix of atmospheric and unorthodox black metal and positive HC/punk attitude!