MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2019

V.A.R. (CZ)

Thrash metal | Established 1989 | CZ | Facebook

And since we opened the thrash metal box, let us ad another notch – the local icon from Liberec V.A.R., which stands for “Vratislavice Alcoholic Roar” (which refers to Vratislavice nad Nisou, a district of Liberec, and its brewery). Established in 1989, this outfit released six excellent full-lengths and played all over Czech Republic. In recent years, V.A.R. began releasing re-mastered versions of their original albums, with the third full-length “Pod vodou” being the latest (re-released February 2018). Their show on MGCDF 2019 is thus for all hardline thrashers, so suit up, grab a beer, and in accordance with the band philosophy “thrash and drink till death!” make hell in front of the stage!