MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2022


Grind-black | Established 2001 | CZ | Facebook

A South Bohemian powerhouse that is not fooling around, blasting its fans with fast-paced grindcore fused with black metal arrangements. Though YTIVARG started as a studio project, they are a full-fledged band since 2015, quickly gaining recognition among genre fans. That is of course of little surprise, since the mastermind behind the whole enterprise is the guitarist F.C, who was a longtime member of the legendary ISACAARUM. In fact, it is in their footsteps that YTIVARG is more less following, at least music-wise, as the band image is about a whole different passion… a passion for electrical engineering! It is apt to note that in their recent history, YTIVARG released two full-lengths – “Wardenclyffe” (2017) and “The Forgotten Past” (2020).