MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2017

Same as last time, there will be a bunch of other things to do to pass the time, or show off your skills. Beside the ones already featured in 2016 installment, we added this year several others, i.e. a beer keg throwing contest, a beer drinking contest, and a contest for the fastest drummer and the loudest screamer.

Also happening shall be the Gorgan Brothers Amazing Cinematograph and a special book-related meet & greet.


The classics


A collective coordination game, very popular in German speaking countries (so we heard). It requires at least two players, who then take turns in hammering down nails, but with the narrower side of the hammer to make it a bit difficult. Who finishes last, buys him/herself and all other players a round. And so it goes on and on, till there is a will to play or anyone with sufficient motor skills.

Try it out from Friday 2 PM onward next to the bar on the main grounds. To pick up the hammer and nails, ask at the bar (and mind your fingers).



You surely know a shooting gallery. In this one, you do not shoot, but are throwing darts instead. There are many prizes you can win, depending on what you hit. But keep in mind the wheel spins, and fast. 

If you are lucky or skilled enough, you can win a ticket to the next 10th anniversary installment of MGCDF!

You will find the shooting gallery next to the bar on the main grounds.

It is open on Friday and Saturday from 2 PM to 10 PM.



An integral part of spending evenings outdoors (by a lake no less) is the setting up of campfires and subsequent barbecuing of (at least around here) wursts. And since our festival takes place outdoors, and by a lake no less, we too have a campfire in store.

You will find it on the main festival ground.

It will be set alight always after the shows are done for the day, i.e. at 1 AM on Thursday, and at 00:30 AM on Friday and Saturday.

Wursts and all other equipment to grill them shall be available in the catering tent.

The new ones

New skill contests take place on and around the MUSIC PARTNERS STAGE on Friday and Saturday afternoon.
Anyone of the legal age can compete.
To enroll in one, just drop by the announcer on site.


the point: to drink one bottle of Primátor beer as fast as you can
the system: one contestant is timed, then another, then another...
the prize: two tickets to the 10th anniversary installment of MGCDF


the point: to throw an empty beer keg as far as you can
the system: you throw from a set point towards a slope; you cannot swing with the keg, or spin to throw it
the prize: two tickets to the 10th anniversary installment of MGCDF


the point: using a special drumming training machine, how many times can you strike the drum during 30 seconds
the prize: two tickets to the 10th anniversary installment of MGCDF


the point: who screams the loudest
the system: you will not be using a microphone, and your scream will be measured with a sound level meter
the prize: two tickets to the 10th anniversary installment of MGCDF

If there is someone, who will partake in all four contests, and wins at least three of them, he or she will also receive a special prize from MetalGate - all the titles that we released thus far!

Meet & Greet of Václav Votruba

The acclaimed book "Kniha kovu" (Book of Metal), mapping the history of Czech metal scene, was sold out shortly after its release, prompting us to print more, which we managed so that it will be on sale once again on MGCDF.

Furthermore, the author himself shall drop by so that you can have your copy signed.

The signing sessions takes place at 3 PM on Saturday in the MetalGate merch stand on the main grounds, where the book shall be sold as well.


Festival raffle

The traditional festival raffle shall take place Saturday, at 1:45 PM on Music Partners Stage. Raffle tokens shall be handed out to each visitor upon entry, so if you want to win something, we recommend not loosing it. This time, you may win the following:

  • Three tickets to BRUTAL ASSAULT festival - Jaroměř, CZ
  • Three tickets to BASINFIREFEST - Spálené Poříčí, CZ
  • Two tickets to AGRESSIVE MUSIC FEST - Pohoří, CZ
  • Two tickets to GOTHOOM Open Air - Slovakia
  • Two tickets to KALTENBACH Open Air - Austria
  • One ticket to OBSCENE EXTREME - Trutnov

Winners who will not claim their prizes during the raffle itself, may then do so till 7 PM in the festival merchstand, wherein a list of unclaimed prizes and winning numbers will be available.