MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018

Dear friends, welcome to the overview of pastimes of the 10th anniversary installment of MGCDF, that is, activities you can partake in to fill an idle moment, take a break from the intense music production, as well as win some nice prize in case of some. And since you seemed to had enjoyed these last year, we will not shy away from them on the current installment :-)

There will be plenty of pastimes available, some returning, some making their premier. So, what do we have in store for you?

There will be two new pastimes - oversized foosball and aquathlon. The former is moreless the table soccer you know from clubs and pubs, but enlarged to such an extent that actual people replace the figurines as players. The latter is in essence a summer variant of biathlon, meaning that it involves running and target shooting, but with a different equipment

For detailed information about these newcomers, see here.

Beside these two, there will be several returning pastimes that we introduced last installment with an unexpected success. Coming back is the throw of a beer keg, timed drinking of a bottle of beer, and we will once again find out how fast you can šdrum

For detailed information about these reruns, see here.

And finally, there will also be the pastime classics, i.e. the dart shooting gallery, the festival campfire, the nailing game, and last but not least, the miracle of science and technology, the Gorgan Borthers Amazing Cinematograph, screening a movie. 

For detailed information about these classics, see here.

IMPORTANT: as we mentioned above, some pastimes will give you chances to win prizes!

Specifically those activities taking place on or in front of the Music Partners Stage, our second podium (see venue map), which means the aquathlon, the keg throw, the beer drinking and the drumming. Same as last time, in each you can win two tickets to the next installment of MGCDF, and again same as last time, if anyone manages to win three of these, he will get a special prize - the collection of all MetalGate releases!

Some practicalities to conclude with: to take part in these four pastimes, simply come to the pastime anchor to enroll. Also, given the nature of some of these pastimes, only those of legal age may enroll.