MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018

If you have ever visited a pub or a club, you have surely at least came across foosball, or table soccer. This year, this favorite pastime shall have its premier on MGCDF, though in a somewhat different form than you are familiar with.


As you can see, our foosball is bigger than the table one, much bigger. So big in fact that the players are not little figurines, but actual people, i.e. you! This also means that while in case of the table soccer you need between two to four people to play, here you need to man all the posts, which means assembling twelve players (six for each side). The ball is of course also bigger, but otherwise the play itself does not differ much from the table variant.

Each side has three rods - one for attack line (three players), one for defense line (two players) and one for the goalkeeper. The players cannot move freely around the field, but must hold their respective rod at all times during the game. The also have to move the rod either to the left or the right, which means that beside the goalkeeper, who moves the rod by himself, the attack and defense lines must coordinate their rod movement.

To get a better idea, check out the following video to see the thing in action:

During the game, you can follow the rules of the table soccer, which you can download here, but you do not have to. For we will leave this pastime entirely to you. You simply get together twelve people, borrow the ball and play as you like.

One game is limited to 20 minutes; the price for renting the field and the ball is two festival tokens. For six tokens you can then play for an hour, which is a maximum for one group.

Our oversized foosball will be located in the rear part of the venue, next to the grass field camp (see venue map). The field will be open between 16:00 and 20:00 on Thursday, and between 12:00 and 20:00 on Friday and Saturday.

You surely know biathlon. And given the popularity of this winter sport, we are introducing its summer variant - the aquathlon! What does it mean? 

First, you do not run using cross-country skis, but wearing diving fins and glasses. Second, instead of small-bore rifle, you are carrying a water pistol. Otherwise the aquathlon mirrors the biathlon in that it is also comprised of running and shooting.

The task then is to run the course (fear not, it will not be long) to the shooting range at its end, where the competitor must use the water pistol to shoot down the target. Shooting successfully ends the race for him/her. If however the competitor is unable to shoot down the target and spends all the water in the pistol doing so, a penalty round, like in biathlon, goes into effect, whereby the competitor must retrace his/her steps to approx. half of the course to get a refill of the pistol. Then, s/he moves back to the shooting range and tries again.  

To avoid mass collisions, the competitors will run in twos. Of course, the whole race is timed and the fastest one of all is the winner.

The aquathlon shall take place in front of the Music Partners Stage (see venue plan) at 15:20 on Saturday.

Winner gets two tickets to MGCDF 2019!