MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2017


Post-metal/sludge/dark hardcore | Established 2010 | CZ | Web

From the local avant-garde comes to MGCDF 2017 another icon of the Czech post-metal/sludge/dark hardcore, i.e. DROM, established in 2010 and gaining first recognition a year later with the release of their debut album “I”. Next year, the band added first a split with Naiada, followed by the second album “Hectop”. Another split came in 2014, this time with Moro Moro Land, and the following year DROM made an anthology containing all their previous releases. The band is not idle also in terms of live shows, since they toured Europe several times. Now, they are coming to us and since they are amidst preparations of a new album, let us hope that besides the established repertoire, we will hear some new stuff. Either way, you should not miss their show.