MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2017


Symphonic/melodic metal with death metal edge | Established 2006 | CZ | Web

Should you ever come into contact with the local metal scene in the city of Brno, one of the bands to look out for is ARCH OF HELL. This hydra was established in 2006 as a melodic black metal act, but gradually moved somewhere between symphonic and melodic metal, spiced with a death metal edge. The band discography contains two titles, the debut “One Day” from 2008 and the second full-length “Freakshow” from 2016. The band is also known for organizing their own, very popular, festival in Brno called Waiting for the Winter, which was last year expanded with its spring version Waiting for the Summer. MGCDF already played host to AoH once in 2011, so we welcome them back after six years. Welcome them with us!