MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Modern death metal | Established 2013 | CZ | Facebook

If you recall, this year’s MGCDf had the pleasure of hosting the Czech sludge project The Corona Lantern, which closely affiliated with another Czech act DILIGENCE, and since this proverbial other side of the same coin has not yet performed on our festival, it is time to fix that. This modern death metal squad, fronted, same as TCL, by Daniela “Dahlien” Neumanová with her singular vocals, is active on the Czech scene since 2013. So far, the band released one EP and several singles and double-singles, the last of which “Endlessly Restless” appeared last May. A debut album is however taking shape and its release is planned for 2018. Let’s keep our fingers crossed then for a successful completion of this endeavor, so that it can presented live on MGCDF 2018!