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Epic extreme metal | Established 1995 | NO | Facebook

The Norwegian icon of epic extreme metal established in Trondheim in 1995. The origin of its name is to be traced to the U.S. fantasy series “Earthsea”, the legacy of which can be traced de facto throughout the entire band discography. Given that both founding members Obsidian C. and Ghash have been close to the Norwegian black metal scene, so were the musical origins, as captured on the demo “Skygger av sorg” (1996) and on the first two albums “Through Times of War” (1997) and “Agnen – Journey Through the Dark” (1999), of KEEP OF KALESSIN shrouded in the Northern darkness. After the second full-length, the initial line-up split, but that was not the end. For four years, there was silence. Then came the “Reclaimer” EP, followed by a full-fledged triumphant return of KEEP OF KALESSIN in 2006 vis-á-vis their third full-length “Armada”. This album showcased a new line-up, a virtuosic instrumentation, and a new musical direction into more melodic, yet still extreme, waters; a course the band holds both on the so far last album “Epistemology”, as well as on the latest 2016 EP “Heaven of Sin” that should preface the preparations of a new full-length. If you thus dare an expose to a somewhat different Scandinavian metal, exceptionally performed, do not miss the premier appearance of KEEP OF KALESSIN on MGCDF!