MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2019

Dear friends, welcome to the overview of pastimes fro the 11th installment of our your Czech metal feast. Same as last year (and the year before that), there will thus be several activities available on MGCDF 2019, with which to fill a possible idle moment. Some of those will be old time classics, yet others a novelty.


Since this year as well the festival line-up ends relatively early, the question what to do next shall once be a thing. Previously there was the Gorgan Brothers Amazing Cinematograph to fill out the rest of the evening, but this time we decided to try out an afterparty instead, or rather two!

A heavy calibre comes already on the first, that is Thursday, festival evening, for once the bands are done for the day, the place will taken over by the megastar of the East German dancefloors - DJ INKOGNITTO (do not mistake with other artists of the same or similar name, as there is only one original) and his legendary Rock'n'roll Disco (with which he repeatedly dominated Ein Zwei Devil-known-how-many Kessel Buntes) offering the no less iconic rock and metal hits to practise your moves!

The second afterparty, the Friday's Night Jam, is starring the Czech actor Leoš Noha, who is pretty much already at home on MGCDF, though thus far we have not yet had the pleasure of witnessing his musical talent. Until now. Supporting him will be a band put together from our ensemble, so what awaits you is a performance that will likely oscillate between stand-up, slam poetry and music improvisation (as we do not dare to guess the final form this takes).


Yes, your surely popular contests are making a comeback this installment as well. Same as last time, we prepared for you four disciplines, wherein you can win free tickets to MGCDF 2020! These contests shall take place Friday and Saturday afternoon on and near the Music Partners stage.

So, what gives this time?


Tandem contest objective: to make a mummy in the shortest amount of time, i.e. cover a partner with toilet paper layers from toe to head

How to compete: The first contestant is the mummy, the second one does the rolling. The latter shall receive a roll of toilet paper and has to start from the ankles up. The contest is done when the paper covers the mummy completely all the way up to the ears. The contest is timed, the fastest tandem wins.

Reward: 4 tickets to MGCDF 2020

When: Friday, approx. 14:20



Contest objective: to throw a beer crate furthest

How to compete: The throw is carried out from a single spot towards a slight incline. The contestant must use both hands, cannot spin or swing with the crate. The longest distance throw wins.

Reward: 2 tickets to MGCDF 2020

When: Friday, approx. 15:10



Contest objective: to drink one beer, one shot of rum and eat one biscuit in the shortest amount of time

How to compete: The contestant shall receive one bottle of cold beer, a bottle opener, a cup, 0,04 l rum shot and a biscuit. The task is to drink and eat the consumables as quickly as possible. The contest is timed, the fastest one wins.

Reward: 2 tickets to MGCDF 2020

When: Saturday, approx. 14:20



Contest objective: to be the first to hammer down a nail with the pointed side of the hammer

How to compete: Up to three contestants shall stand around a wooden stub with a corresponding number of partially nailed nails. The first contestant shall receive a hammer and makes his strike at his nail with the pointed end. He then passes the hammer to the second contestant who does the same, then the third. This ends a round and the first contestant begins again. However completely nails down his nail is the winner.

Contest is carried in a tournament system: four trios in basic rounds, the round winner moves to the finals, which thus is for four contestants; whoever wins the final round is the overall winner

Reward: 2 tickets to MGCDF 2020

When: Saturday, approx. 15:10

Note: you can of course practise the nailing game starting Friday, 14:00, next to the festival bar



Each installment, we hold a ticket raffle, wherein you can win entry to our partner festivals. This installment, the raffle will be held on Saturday at 13:45 on Music Partners Stage. To participate in the raffle, simply do not lose the raffle coupon you shall receive at the entry.

You can win the following:

3x ticket to BRUTAL ASSAULT – Czech Rep.
2x ticket to AGRESSIVE MUSIC FEST – Czech Rep.
2x ticket to GOTHOOM Open Air – Slovakia
2x ticket to KALTENBACH Open Air – Austria
1x ticket to OBSCENE EXTREME – Czech Rep.

Winners, who will not pick up the prizes during the raffle, can do so afterwards till 19:00 in the festival merch stand, wherein a list of winning numbers and corresponding prizes will be posted.



An integral part of spending evenings outdoors (by a lake no less) is the setting up of campfires and subsequent barbecuing of (at least around here) wursts. And since our festival takes place outdoors, and by a lake no less, we too have a campfire in store since the 2016 installment.

The fireplace will be located on the main festival ground and will be set alight always after the shows are done for the day, i.e. at approx. 1:00 during the night from Thursday to Friday, and at approx. 00:30 during the nights from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday.

Wursts and all other equipment to grill them shall be available in the catering tent.



You surely know a shooting gallery. In this one, you do not shoot, but throw darts instead. There are many prizes you can win, depending on what you hit. But, to make it more challenging, the target spins, and fast.

You will find the shooting gallery next to the festival bar on the main grounds, and shall be opened between 14:00 and 20:00 on Friday and Saturday.