MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2019


Brutal death/grind | Established 1998 | FR | Facebook

When Julien Truchan established BENIGHTED as his side project in 1998, he did not anticipate that 20 years later this outfit shall stand among the foremost French brutal death metal acts. On the other hand, already their first releases propelled the band from the underground onto a higher standing on the scene, whereupon the project was transformed into a full-fledged band, aiming for the metal heights. BENIGHTED thus soon appeared on European top metal festivals, including Neurotic Death Fest, Hellfest or Wacken. Of course, there is little need to emphasize that such appearances have been backed up by solid studio work, with the latest release “Necrobreed” (2017) receiving wide acclaim. O MGCDF 2019, you will get the chance to hear this album live, but be warned, it tells a story of a deranged individual, haunted by a severe childhood trauma, who is working out his issues in very particular way. Should you then feel mentally unbalanced after the show, please consult your local physician.