MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Grind-death | Established 1992 | CZ | Facebook

Another name with retrospective connotations. Veterans of previous installments will surely recall that MGCDF already played host, in 2011, to these veterans of Czech grind (spiced with death metal), who began their career in 1992, had the release show of their debut “Recompense To Saints” alongside Benediction, supported Kataklysm or Napalm Death and played over 500 live shows. Back then, the band presented their sixth full-length “End Of Vermin Nations”, which was released a year earlier. A year later, came a hiatus, second one in their history, from which MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM return now, both in terms of live performances, as well as of adding another piece into their discography, and we are honored that ours will be the first summer festival they will visit as part of this comeback. Excited? We are!