MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2018


Industrial thrash-death metal | Established 2012 | CZ | Facebook

This industrial thrash-death metal project, the founder of which is the multi-instrumentalist Dan Friml, returns to MGCDF after three years, having its premier appearance on the seventh installment in 2015. Back then, MEAN MESSIAH brought along their debut “Hell”, which was released in 2013, yet its first contours took shape already in winter 2005. Though the band started playing live no sooner than April 2014, they quickly found a way to the major Czech festivals, so besides MGCDF, MEAN MESSIAH also performed on Masters of Rock or Basinfirefest, as well as appeared on the Slovak festival Gothoom. Last year, their discography saw the addition of the EP “Let Us Pray”, followed this year by the second release of the debut “Hell”. Drawing near is however also their second full-length, so it is possible that the return of MEAN MESSIAH to our festival will be in the vein of their new music. Get ready!