MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2019


Djent-core | Established 1991 | CZ | Facebook

Southern Bohemia is known not only for its exceptional concentration of lakes, but also of equal concentration of great bands, blasting the local scene for a long time now. Take COLP for example. These DJENTlemen formed in 1991, initially as a thrash-death metal outfit called Colporrhaphia. Their first full-length moves the band into progressive thrash with some HC spice. Core influence soon after became even more prominent, whereupon COLP describe themselves now as djent-core-metal. In 2017 came their so far latest release entitled “Phase #12”, and as we heard, their performance on MGCDF 2019 is to cover primarily this new material, so if you have not yet had the chance to see COLP in their current iteration (or any for that matter), mark your calendar and drop by to remedy that.