MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2019


Epic death/thrash metal | Established 2012 | NL | Facebook

Dutch thrash/death metal outfit established by the guitarist Ramon Ploeg after he left the brutal death act HOUWITSER. Ramon found the previous subgenre category a bit constrictive, whereby when he began composing first demos for BLEEDING GODS, he kept the death metal base, but also ventured into thrash and heavy metal, and even to classical music. His enthusiasm and talent for delicate combination of various styles soon attracted not only new band members, but also the interest of labels, including Nuclear Blast that released this January their second full-length “Dodekathlon” to a worldwide acclaim. In their company, you shall travel into a world of long-gone civilizations and ancient cultures, the pagan gods of which demand a sacrifice in blood in their honor. BLEEDING GODS are gearing up to enact one such ritual on MGCDF, so be ready for anything!